Sunday, March 14, 2010


Since posting my piece on tunes that get stuck in your head I have been amazed to discover that it is a well-known phenomenon and, like all the best minor mental disorders, there's a German word to describe it: Ohrwurm (literally Earworm)

There's an entry in Wikipedia. People have even written academic papers and newspaper articles on the subject:

The last site describes 'cutting-edge earworm research' being carried out at the University of Cincinnati and even offers a virtual clinic outlining useful strategies for getting a song unstuck (from which I derived a grain of consolation in seeing my own remedy listed)

Which all goes to show that whatever you can possibly imagine it already exists somewhere on the internet.


  1. Lizt's Hungarian Rhapsody - you lucky, lucky b*****d! Joe Simpson crawled down a mountain with a broken everything and Boney M's "Brown girl in the ring" looping round and round in his ears. For me it's usually Agadoo, by Black Lace - Lizt's Hungarian Rhapsody? .....ooooh

  2. I didn't think think I knew Agadoo, so I checked it out on Spotify and now I'm wishing I hadn't.


    It's going to be one of those tunes that only the Beverly Hillbillies theme song can shift.