Friday, June 30, 2006

Idea #1: Get-Up Grenade

This is an idea for a simple gadget designed to appeal to parents of teenage children. The get-up grenade is the size and shape of a small ball and can be charged either by connecting to a transformer or by winding-up an internal spring. Once armed in this way it is triggered by pressing a small button flush with the surface

When the time comes to get ready for school, the busy parent simply opens the teenager's bedroom door and tosses in a get-up grenade - preferably rolling it under the bed or similar, awkward location. After a short delay (5 seconds seems about right) the grenade goes off with a loud, high-pitched sound which can be stopped by a second press of the button.

For parents with several children, we envisage the product being offered as a set of five, together with an attractive, purpose-made bandolier.

This idea may be freely exploited without restriction (see earlier posting)

1 comment:

  1. Something very similar has been done by I make projects

    In my own proposal, I am inclined to downplay the degree of resemblance to a real military grenade.