Friday, September 01, 2017

Channeling Monsieur Hulot

We are camping on a cliff overlooking the sea near Bridport. We have some films preloaded on my iPad (The Lady in the Van, Frank Lloyd Wright documentary etc) plus a clever idea for watching them from the under the duvet that entails suspending the iPad from a convenient ring in the tent ceiling. Only problem is: there being only a single point of suspension, the iPad slowly twists round - requiring the constant assistance of a restraining hand that would otherwise be snug under the duvet. 

After bringing my design skills to bear on the problem I have come up with the idea of a lightweight cruciform shape which could be fixed high up in the tent and from which the iPad could be suspended from two separate points - consequently eliminating the twisting behaviour. 

I have noticed some cheap fishing nets in the campsite shop that will serve perfectly. I picture myself removing the stick and handing the (now useless) net to a small bemused child, who undoubtedly will run to its parents. 

I imagine, later, seeing angry grown-ups, marching up the field, clutching the net and dragging the child (now crying) who is being asked to point out the weirdo responsible. 

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